2012 Badges Are Here!

2012 Badges Are Here!.

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Weekend Restaurant, Entertainment & Retail Deals

Anything to save!

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Mpls. Man Gets 12 Years Over $20M Scam

Very informational

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Find out what DK stands for! lol Know me!

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You Didn’t Thank Me For Punching You in the Face

You Didn’t Thank Me For Punching You in the Face.

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Hello world! Learn about me!

Hi everybody. MY names Chaston and I live in Texas. Grew up in a small town with not much to look forward too except finding a normal job. So, that’s what I did worked at a YMCA for 3 years and found out that’s what I wanted to do was pursue fitness so I went to a personal training school called P.F.T.A in Round Rock, Texas. Give a shout out to Mark Jackson my teacher. He runs a real good school. He actually helped me get my job at my current employer, Gold’s Gym. So check his school out people move here just to go to his school, but anyways lol my current job at the gym is awesome and I love it. Um, but before the New Year everyone started to leave for Christmas and most of my clients were gone so business was real slow for the month of December, so I was just sitting at home and messing around on the computer and I was on Craigslist and found myself looking for another job. lol. I wanted to work more than what I already was so I looked up some job ads and I came across one that stood out and one that seemed like it was the real deal. I havn’t given it much thought just yet I am still researching the whole MLM and home based business marketing thing. So that will take some time but other than all of that stuff I love to be with my family and my nieces. I love going to the gym and working out.  I am experienced in cooking and playing the piano. I am very clean and can not stand things that are a mess. I love messing with cars and knowing how they work and how too fix them. I also use to drift on a street team with my previous Mustang that I had you can check out my videos here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iTC8WnnLHs  It was back in high school when I abused that car but it was alot of fun. My experiences through life so far have taught me many lessons. Knowing how the world works and how life takes place and happens is such an amazing thing. The time that we don’t spend looking at what is going on around us is that time that we are wasting in seeing beautiful things. I always take a step back and look at what is happening now and going on in my life and it makes me wonder, makes me think, that my life is not being lived. I am not doing the things I would like to be doing. Can you relate? Im sure you can. So is 80% of Americans. We are not living the American Dream that we alllll dream about even people not in America. I believ it all relies in effort and what you make in life. Weather your goal is to be the best damn burger cooker in the world or if you want to be the largest stock broker known if you put your mind to something that you want to accomplish and acheive than you can do it. Plain and simple. Dreams are not mental, dreams are physical they seem in a different reality which in a sense they are but if you really think about it, the wright brothers thought of something that no one would of thought could be possible and true but yet instead they took their vision and dream and flew half way around the world which than cause an upburst of confidence, encouragement, so if I wanted to do something crazy and out of this world thought up in my head I could do it!! No one aint gonna stop me! Plain and simple. If you and me were competing on who could last the longest rowing a boat, I would die before you won. If we starting rowing a boat side by side, I would DIE before I ever let you win. It takes dedication, and you have to see that vision in a reality. Share your thoughts and stories!

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